QuB  -  The MLab Edition


3D data mapping in brain slices and real-time experiment control and visualization

To test this feature in QuB, take the following steps:

    - Make sure you have Qub installed and updated.

    - Download a World3D Project to set up a pre-defined QuB user interface, customized for 3D

      applications. Unzip the file.

    - Download a World3D Example that contains a collection of images and data, as shown
      in the picture above. Unzip the file.

    - Download and follow the World3D Tutorial to learn how to use the 3D interface.

    - Download and watch Tutorial Videos. 

    - Download and read the World3D Reference to learn about World3D functions.


Note: QuB currently works only with Scientifica motorized positioners and Hamamatsu cameras. However, you can test QuB without positioners and camera. If you’re interested in adapting QuB to your specific hardware, contact us and we’ll try to help.

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