QuB  -  The MLab Edition


Tutorials and Reference materials

    Getting Started PDF  

        How to install QuB and use its interface.

    Camera Reference PDF

        A reference to using the Camera interface.

    World3D Reference PDF

        A reference to using the World3D interface.

    World3D Tutorial PDF

        A tutorial on navigating the World3D viewport.

Latest Videos:

Multiple Cameras

       How to install and run multiple cameras in QuB.

You can download all videos here or download them separately below.

1. QUB Introduction

        How to navigate QuB and use its interface.

2. Camera

        A description of functions available in the Camera interface.

3. World3D Introduction

        An introduction to the functions of the World3D interface.

4. World3D Navigation

        A detailed instruction on how to navigate around the World3D interface as well as how to          connect to motor manipulators in QuB.

  1. 5.Acquisition

        How to capture images and image stacks in the World3D viewport.

6. Make a Map

       How to make a contour and then make a brain slice map.

7. Calibrate Pipette

       A detailed instruction on how to calibrate the software when replacing a pipette tip.

8. Calibrate Objective

       How to calibrate the motor difference between two objectives in the World3D space.

9. Target Cell

       A demonstration on targeting a cell for patching using our software.

  1. 10.Multiple Cameras

       How to open and run multiple cameras in the Camera interface.

Additional reference materials are available on the QuB Buffalo site.

To learn the KPL scripting language, consult the KPL documentation.

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