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New installation

QuBInstall Version - updated 1-22-2018

For new users, we recommend reading the “Getting Started” tutorial, to learn how to navigate the interface and the basic controls. Also for new users we suggest watching our tutorial videos in order to get an idea on how to use QuB

To install QuB, first download QuBInstall.zip and unzip the file somewhere on your computer. The archive contains a “QuB Install” folder, which contains a “QuB Suite“ folder, a Python 2.3 installer (Python-2.3.exe), and a readme.txt file.

First, run the Python installer (Python-2.3.exe). Choose default options. To work, QuB requires this specific version of Python (2.3), so you must install it even if you have a different version already installed.

Once Python is installed, simply copy the folder “QuB Suite” somewhere on your computer, for example as “C:\QuB Suite”. To start QuB, run the QuB.exe file from “QuB Suite”. You might want to create a shortcut to qub.exe

*Note that this installation may not contain the latest qub.exe file. Check below.

Latest QuB update

What’s new

Download qub.exe Version - updated 1-22-2018

If you have QuB already installed, you can update to the latest version by downloading just the QuB executable file. Check the latest available version against your version number, which is displayed on the QuB splash screen (MainMenu > Help > About). If the latest update has a higher version number, download qub.exe and qubnews.txt and save them into the “QuB Suite” folder. Sometimes new bugs find their way in the latest version, so you may want to back up your working version before you update.

The latest QuB features 3D data mapping and experiment control and visualization.

Known bugs and issues

- The binning function of the camera is not fully tested.

  1. -Loading too many images in World3D can cause a memory error from which the program may not recover. If this happens, restart the program.  To display more images, try downsampling them, right-click > Downsample.

  2. -In the 3D scene viewer, pipe objects may be drawn in the wrong color.

  3. -When closing QuB, you may be asked to save the same file twice.

  4. -Sometimes when closing QuB after using the camera but not closing the camera, QuB will enter a

  frozen state that will require a full restart of the computer.

  1. -The Oculus Viewport has not been fully tested.

  2. -The shader has not been fully tested.

Camera Interface Libraries (*.dll files included)

  1. -Interface for Hamamatsu digital cameras (DCAM-Api driver) - QuBCamHam

  2. -Interface for Thorlabs DCx cameras - QuBCamThor

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