QuB  -  The MLab Edition


QuB is a freely available open-source software platform, featuring algorithms and functions that can be applied to a variety of problems, from ion channel biophysics to neuronal physiology. QuB was originally developed in the Sachs Lab at SUNY Buffalo. 

Our lab develops and maintains a different version of QuB. Our MLab Edition implements some additional features, such as the KPL scripting language, which provides high-level functions to record and process data, and to simulate and estimate ion channel, neuronal, and network models. Other features include a real-time computational engine for dynamic clamp experiments, a camera interface for image acquisition, a 3D scene viewer, and an interface for 3D experiment control and visualization.

You can download the MLab Edition, learn more about it, and try some examples.

The latest QuB features 3D data mapping and experiment control and visualization.

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